• July 27, 2019

    A Quick Guide: Angular V/S React – What to choose in 2019?

    If you are into website design and development, choosing on the right framework for a new JavaScript System, application, or website can be quite confusing. It is very important to select the right framework as it can have a direct effect on the project’s durability, future code maintainability, ability to fit in the given deadline, as well as the scalability of the application.

    JavaScript frameworks are developing rapidly and out of all of them, React and Angular are equally popular amongst the front end developers. Coming from a lineage of two powerful competitors – Google and Facebook, React has already established itself in the industry, while Angular is new into the game. In this article, we will help you choose the best one for your development needs.

    Basic Comparison of both Angular and React:

    Technology Angular React
    Company Google Facebook
    Category JS Framework Open Source JS Library
    Language TypeScript JavaScript, JSX
    Data Binding One-way/ Two-way data binding One-way Data Binding
    Packaging Medium Strong
    DOM Real DOM Virtual DOM

    When to choose Angular:

    1. If you are pro with Java, C#, and previous versions of Angular
    2. If your need is of
      1. large-scale feature-rich application
      2. Higher productivity
      3. Want ready-to-use solution
    3. if you wish to regulate the app size

    When to choose React:

    1. If you know JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
    2. If your need is of
      1. Highly-customized app solution
      2. App that supports multiple events
      3. You create shareable components in your app
    3. If you wish to spend time on the app pre-development

    Benefits of Angular:

    Maintained by Google Angular has been around since 2010 and is used in Google AdWords and Google Fiber. Angular is a master MVVM framework used for building highly interactive mobile and web applications. It is leading in the travel industry, sports, real estate, business, and industry.

    • Full-fledged framework – It can run on any platform, in any browser, cleaner code, is consistent, and its components are robust and quite matured as contrasted with React.
    • Global community support makes Angular one of the best JavaScript framework popular amongst various developers
    • Offers high performance with lower app size with a better error handling capacity
    • It’s two-way data binding feature enables singular behaviour for the app which minimizes the risk of possible errors
    • Migration issue from old version to the latest versions.
    • Angular is a bit hard to learn in comparison with React and Vue.JS because of its huge library

    Benefits of React:

    Maintained by Facebook React has been around since 2013 and is used in their own products such as WhatsApp and Instagram. It is an open-source framework greater for building dynamic applications as well as modern single-page applications of any scale and size. Popular in Arts & Entertainment, News & Media, and other categories.

    • Promotes better user experience, faster reusable code development, and saves time
    • It is easy to learn and offers a simple design, detailed documentation, and good templates
    • One-way data binding promotes code stability and avoids unwanted side effects
    • Great support for server-side rendering making it a powerful framework for CMS applications
    • Migrations between various versions are generally easy and applications made in React are absolutely lightweight for easy representation on the server-side.

    Drawbacks of React:

    • As compared to Angular, React is not a full-scale framework. Thus it requires deeper programming knowledge to integrate UI library into the MVC framework
    • Lack of official documentation
    • It requires deep React knowledge and thus takes a long time to master


    So, Angular or React, which one you should pick in the coming years? It doesn’t matter! Both of these frameworks are on a growth tangent, definitely here to stay in the coming years. Rest the selection of the best framework majorly depends on your app requirements, complexity, features, and the experience of the app development company.

    In our company, we have experts working on both the frameworks, but based on the popularity of the Angular Framework, we help clients create dynamic, high-performance applications using that. You can contact us to explore the landscape of product design for your enterprise and stand out from your peers in the market!

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