• Complete privacy for our clients

    Security is a big factor for businesses and they go to great lengths to ensure that any information that they have is always safe. People entrust their private and confidential information with businesses and companies have a moral responsibility to ensure the safety of this data. ThemeMakker has been helping its clients obtain private and customized business solutions for over a decade and over this period of time we have set up stringent data security guidelines that protect all information that our clients share with us. ThemeMakker signs non-disclosure agreements with all its employees in order to ensure that our clients can trust us implicitly with their private information. The intellectual property of our clients is handled in the most professional way and we ensure that it is never compromised inadvertently.

  • Complete privacy for our clients

    ThemeMakker signs an NDA with every client at the starting of the project. This NDA is drawn after discussion with the client and is unique for every client. Not every business has the same requirements, and the privacy need of each business is different.

  • Compartmentalization of information

    With a large number of developers and designers that work with us, ThemeMakker always has multiple projects under development at its facilities. Firewalls, network segmentation and separate physical locations for teams that are working on a project ensure that there is no chance of your data being accidentally disclosed to anyone who is not part of the team assigned to your project. Even within the development team assigned to you, ThemeMakker makes sure that each team member is only given the information they need in order to work

  • Project Completion Protocols

    Once the project has been completed and delivered to you, ThemeMakker performs a complete wipe of the hardware used for development. We hand over all data to you and remove all physical and online backups that we created for the project. We always advice our clients to keep a secure backup of the data we provide at the time of completion, in case it is needed for further development work in the future.