• Hiring Dedicated Designers

    November 16, 2023

    Hiring Dedicated Designers

    Steve Jobs once said, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works”. This is the need of the hour as all businesses today aim to attain their commercial goals by enhancing user satisfaction. But, achieving this feat is a challenging task. It requires professional UI/UX designers equipped with advanced skills and experience.

    The significance of an intuitive design when creating websites and applications is paramount. But without prior experience, how can one know if they’ve ticked the right boxes in their hiring process? Therefore, knowing what to look out for is critical when making this decision.

    This blog discusses the challenges and importance of hiring dedicated creative graphic designers and businesses that can benefit from this hire.

    What Are the Challenges You Might Face When Hiring a Design Team?

    Discovering the following your business needs and budget can take time and effort. However, here’s a checklist to help you recruit the ideal talent for your project’s design and development.

    Finding The Best Talent That Fits Your Project Needs

    An essential question for startups and small-scale businesses is, ‘How should a business find an apt graphic Web designer in its initial years?’ It’s a massive challenge for companies, especially those not in the tech community.

    A vital aspect of this challenge is discovering the right talent that fits well into the company culture and the ones who work within the constrained pay scale compared to other organizations.

    Hiring Top Talent in a Competitive Industry

    Talented Web designers are among the most sought-after skills in today’s competitive landscape. It’s difficult for startups to hire gifted individuals as they might prefer working for a large enterprise, considering the pay scale and exposure to creative projects.

    Budget Constraints

    Hiring exceptional talents for your App or website’s design and development can be costly. So, if a company has budget constraints or needs to invest in other areas, finding the right balance in managing its finances can be challenging.

    Finding Local Talent

    Discovering an apt talent locally or even in a state can be complicated. It might necessitate expanding your search parameters or outsourcing your Web design project. Hiring Web design talents from different countries or provinces can incur significant costs.

    Evaluation Of Portfolios

    Evaluating web design portfolios with no prior tech experience and clarity on the latest design fundamentals can be tricky. Having sufficient knowledge is essential to determine if a Web designer’s portfolio aligns with what your company or project needs.

    Therefore, your recruitment team must be adept at evaluating portfolios from the candidates who apply for this role.

    Managing the Web Designer’s Team

    Suppose you don’t find a local talent and must opt for an outsourced Web designer team from across the globe. In that case, you always risk facing issues related to communication and collaboration due to differences in time zones, language, and work culture.

    Though challenging, having a dedicated Web designer team does have its benefits. Read on to learn the solutions to these challenges and how they can help you better engage with customers.

    What is the Dedicated Team Model All About?

    To learn the entirety of the dedicated team model and spot exact differences, one must first understand how the traditional hiring model works.

    In a traditional business structure, companies hire individuals with particular skills and start with specific projects. Eventually, they’re assigned different roles and are let go once the project is done. Each member has other skills and strengths, so maintaining this team structure is challenging.

    Here’s where a dedicated design team model offers excellent benefits. Leveraging this, teams focus on particular tasks and projects. Businesses prefer using this model due to its flexibility and consistency.

    It also increases the quality of work due to collaboration between skilled designers. A dedicated team offers unwavering support and service from the start to the conclusion of a project. You can discuss your business objectives and brand identity that you want to create at length. It also ensures that you create the exact solutions that attract more customers.

    Which Businesses Can Benefit from a Dedicated Design Team?

    There are no specific rules to which businesses should opt for a hiring dedicated Web designer model. Today, companies across different verticals hire dedicated designer talents to enhance their brand reputation.

    Yet, here are the industries or business types that can make the most from this model.

    • 1. Startups

      Employing a fully-fledged design team can be costly for startups. Opting for a dedicated designers’ model with hourly pricing can be an excellent idea for them to handle their project needs efficiently. It would benefit them by keeping track of their project’s progress, examining all deliverables promptly, and creating a robust digital presence and brand identity.
    • 2. eCommerce

      Online retailers often target industry-based marketplaces using dedicated UI/UX designers. Their roles include creating intuitive and attractive websites and package designs and posts for marketing campaigns.
    • 3. Tech

      Tech companies generally prefer to have their design teams. However, certain DevOps, cloud, AI/ML, or cybersecurity companies might opt for the dedicated designer’s model. It helps them enhance the user experience of their digital products.
    • 4. Healthcare

      Since the pandemic, healthcare companies have understood the importance of investing in IT solutions. Prime areas of their investments include hospital and record management systems, telemedicine, educational platforms, and healthcare apps.

      Many hospitals opt for a dedicated designer’s model to find budget-friendly and quick solutions to launch their online services These professionals provide a user-friendly and progressive feel to critical healthcare apps.

    • 5. Game Design Companies

      Gaming companies prefer hiring dedicated game artists instead of outsourcing entire projects to build game art, characters, and motion graphics. These artists are responsible for bringing the creative visions to fruition.

      Irrespective of the industry one belongs to, experts suggest opting for a professional, creative design studio to hire dedicated designers.

    Why Should You Ask a Company Offering UI/UX Design Services to Provide a Dedicated Team?

    A UI/UX design service company with experience gives you creative freedom and a streamlined process for a smoother execution. It eliminates the probability of overlooked details. Additionally, companies offering dedicated designer hiring services provide the following benefits.

    Better Focus on the Ultimate Goal

    A goal-oriented approach sets apart a creative design studio offering top-notch design solutions. Dedicated designers focus on business objectives and values to deliver productive branding strategies and successful marketing campaigns. Their expertise and experience help them plan accordingly and provide timely results.

    Flexible Resources That Can Be Adjusted Based on Business Needs

    Dedicated design teams are better equipped to address specific needs while being flexible. In this ever-evolving design landscape, they carefully grasp the business needs and craft tailored solutions.

    Clear Communication for Smoother Design Process and Effective Management

    Dedicated teams are professionals who adjust time-zoned-aligned meetings at their client’s convenience. Their commitment to delivering projects on time and communicating business needs boosts productivity and effective delivery of top-class design solutions.

    Hire Dedicated Web Designers with Thememakker Infotech LLP Today!

    If you plan to scale extensively without expanding your in-house team, the dedicated designer hiring model is the perfect fit for you. It gives you ample time to focus on core priorities, as your project rests on the shoulders of skilled remoted designers.

    Working with Thememakker Infotech LLP, experience a flexible hiring model where our top designers collaborate with you to create tailored design solutions. We can reduce your dedicated designer hiring process to 3 days by learning your project requirements and allowing you to select designers with relevant skills from our talent pool.


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      Choosing a design team for your startup offers 3 options: freelancers with myriad skills but lack reliability, an in-house reliable team that costs more, and a dedicated design team that balances costs, convenience, and reliability.
    • What Is the Cost of Hiring a Team of Dedicated Designers?

      The dedicated designer model charges you hourly while focusing on value-driven and efficient solutions.
    • What Are the Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Designers?

      With a team of dedicated designers, you can experience benefits such as cost-effectiveness, specialized skills, efficient project management, flexibility, and broader market reach.
    • How Do You Stay Updated with Design Trends and Emerging Technologies?

      As a business owner with different expertise and experience, staying updated with the latest UI/UX trends and technologies takes time. Therefore, hiring dedicated designers is a huge benefit as they offer you a competitive advantage with their updated knowledge and skills.
    What Types of Design Projects Do You Feel Most Comfortable and Skilled Working On?

    No matter which project you plan to undertake. From app design, logo design, branding, web design, or print design, you can hire dedicated designers with relevant skills and experience for the project type you have in mind.

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