• Why Ignoring Website Redesign Will Cost You Sales?

    September 6, 2018

    Why Ignoring Website Redesign Will Cost You Sales?

    A website, is an impression of your organization. With just a click of a mouse or a tap of a finger, an impression of your organization is instantly framed in a visitor’s mind. Is your website taking too long to load? Awful impression. Is your website tough to navigate or hard to look at a Terrible impression? Does your website look dated?

    There are loads of things that you need to focus on to achieve the effective completion of such a specific sort of project. However, the site is most likely one of the last things you consider in your business. However, it’s vital to understand and acknowledge the basic part your site plays in your customer acquisition efforts and the general effect that it has on sales and revenue. For marketing to be powerful, every touchpoint with a prospective customer must be in alignment. Your website may be your largest marketing opportunity. Whether you are B2C or B2B, your website is the place to flaunt your brand, address the right audience, create interest in your products, attract leads, and earn more business. That implies your web design is vital. That leads to the question you need to ask yourself periodically.

    Impact of redesign can have on a business

    • Search visibility: Improved SEO can be a significant advantage to a website refresh. We often observe an uptick in search ranking as a result of a website refresh. Search engines love fresh content and updated websites. Freshness is a factor in search ranking, and a
      website redesign frequently includes updating the content structure, frontend code, mobile responsiveness, and link structures. These changes can help accelerate growth in web indexes that can have a clear and tangible benefit in lead generation, brand visibility, and sales.
    • Build trust with customers: A new website shows development and influences your constituency see your organization as reasonable, energetic and important. In spite of the fact that this effect on observation may appear to be delicate, the change in perception will have an increase in trust, which can specifically affect lead generation efforts, sales, and competitiveness.
    • Accessibility and User Experience: Technology and trends change rapidly. Websites will normally drop out of adjusting with the advances in innovation. Any organization that
      published their website in a pre-mobile-responsiveness period know this phenomenon.
      User Experience (UX) is an important aspect for all user interfaces. A website redesign helps modernizes your image’s site and enables it to address the issues and behaviors of users today. Mobile responsiveness alone can extend your potential group of audience, decrease bounce rate, and increase customer/lead outreach.
    • Higher conversion rate: As you update your site, your organization has a chance to learn from the past. By studying web analytics, you can realize what content, calls-to-action, and pages help drive uses to a conversion. Consider redesigning calls-to-action, change the introduction of incentives, and enhance the alignment of offers. With a web design project, your organization has an opportunity to profoundly update your conversion rate–
      considering increased leads, partnerships, sales, and revenue.

    While there isn’t a need to redesign your website every year, taking an objective look is vital to understanding whether your present plan is helping you hit your business objectives. If visitors are unable to view and use your site on their device, at that point they are more averse to need to remain on your site and to give you their business. On the other hand, if your website has been designed to accommodate all screen resolutions, at that point your visitors will be provided with a more intuitive, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing browsing experience, in this way growing your website audience.

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